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About me.

Hello there! I'm Natalia,  a Vienna based transdisciplinary designer with an exploratory and research oriented approach.

During my bachelor studies in graphic and product design at the "Free University of Bolzano" I had the opportunity to experiment and practice between research and design, which started to broaden my way of thinking. I delved into investigative methods and practices and began graduate studies in "Design Investigations" at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, which I am currently completing. I strive to create a synergy between sociology and design. My investigations with an integrative approach address environmental and social issues by incorporating sociological theory and the practice of art and design.

My goal is to address the consciousness of culture, politics, and civil society, to demonstrate the need for a bridge between theory and practice, and to make the results understandable to a broad audience.

Stay In Touch.

Natalia A. Bakula.

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