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Immovable grace.

Through continuous feedback and interviews with elderly residents of Haus Wieden, a retirement home in Vienna, Immovable Grace developed tube and lid openers that seamlessly blend into the bathroom environment.These adaptations have been carefully designed to be aesthetically pleasing and discreet, allowing older people to maintain their desired level of independence without drawing attention to visible assistive devices.


By installing these invisible adaptations, Immovable Grace enables older people to confidently perform daily bathroom tasks. The openers allow them to effortlessly access and use various products such as creams, lotions and medications without losing their dignity.


Immovable Grace's mission is to create a bathroom environment that promotes both autonomy and a sense of self-determination for aging adults. The project aims to improve the overall well-being and quality of life of seniors and enable them to age with dignity and independence in their own homes.

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